Friday, October 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Liberty!

Dear world,

Today is the Statue of Liberty's birthday. I know it is not polite to tell a lady's age, but this is educational. She is 125!! I think she looks so much younger, probably since she had work done 25 years ago. But now she's going to have more work done. I guess she needs to stay young to be in good shape for all future generations. She has an important job as the symbol of freedom and democracy. I wish I could see her in person, rather, in statue, to wish her a very happy birthday.

Love always,



  1. I think you look very freedom-ish with that hat.

  2. Happy Birthday, Liberty. Thanks, Bear for remembering her.

  3. Does that mean she is 875 in dog years? If so, she looks GREAT for her age. We hope someone baked her a very special cake since she's a very special lady. She even has her own island.