Monday, January 31, 2011

Theatre Ghost

Dear world,
I heard about the Orpheum Theatre in Memphis. It has a long interesting history back to Vaudeville times. I am really curious to go inside because I would like to meet Mary, the Theatre ghost. She is a young girl ghost that has been seen there for more than 50 years at performances. I have never met a ghost before, and she is supposed to be nice. I wonder if I should wait by the door during a performance and maybe she would come outside during intermission.
Love always,


  1. Maybe if you send her an email... do ghosts use email?... she'll come out to meet you.

    pawhugs, Max

  2. oooo - what fun dat would be Bear. Maybe she'll let you in.

  3. oooh I bet the Theatre Ghost loves anipals... I hope you get in!

  4. If I was a ghost I will love to see you at the door. You might not see me but you will feel a breeze in your back... my hand petting you vigorously.

  5. I fink it wud be gweat fun to haz a ghost girl fur a fwend. She cud go pwaces wif yoo and go pwaces you can't get to. Maybe yoo cud learn secrets about da theater dat nobuddy else noes! Dat wud be so fun.

  6. Oh ghosts now weez talkin,tell us all bout it wen u sees Mary !!