Thursday, January 20, 2011


Dear world,
Memphis doesn't have a Major League Baseball team which I originally thought was a bummer. But then I learned about the RedBirds. They are the Minor league baseball team here and Memphians are very proud of them. So since I now am a Memphian, I wanted to see where the RedBirds play . So Mom & Dad took me to see Autozone Park. But the Redbirds werent there. They will be flying back to their nest in April.
Love always,


  1. Great post. I love learning all these facts about Memphis. If HH decides to go there I'll be able to tell her all about it. And, it's really cool you get to go to all those places, Bear. Whenever I wanted to go anywhere, I had to send Flat Max in my place.

    Have a great day, pawhugs, Max

  2. Oh, I love baseball games! WE have a "Bark in the park" here for a local AA team! It's a lot of fun, but mom says I can't go on the field to chase the balls!

  3. thanks for the information, Bear "The Memphis Tourist Guide" :)