Monday, January 10, 2011

My First Snowfall

Dear world,
I never saw snowfall. So I was SO excited yesterday cause it was supposed to start snowing at 3pm. So at precisely 3pm, I went upstairs and waited by the window. My ball waited too since it never saw snowfall either. We waited and waited. No snow. Then it was time for my dinner. So I went downstairs to eat, looking out the window while chewing. But still no snow. And then finally, at 6:30 my Mom & Dad said its snowing! So I took my ball over to the window so we could watch it together. Wow! Yes, snow is very beautiful, but it is rather impolite. It should have let me know it was going to be late.
Love always,


  1. yay! you finally got snow, now you haz az much az us, xcept we mite get lots moar this week. If we haz xtra maybe I can send you some moar?

  2. Aww, I love that your ball waited with you all that time. :-) Have fun in the snow Bear!

  3. You and your ball are so patient! I've been waiting and waiting and waiting....

  4. BOL! That snow never comes on time... it's always early or late... but never ever on time!

  5. Sumtimes it never even tells u it iz coming. U just wakes and der it iz wif a bunch of friends hangin out in ur yard and drive way getting in da way!

    I glads u & ur ball did enjoy ur first snow fall. how wuz ur first potty in da snow?

  6. Glad you got to see your first snow. Hope you enjoyed going out in it.
    I know your ball enjoyed it too.