Sunday, January 23, 2011

Popsicle Stick!

Dear world,
Whenever I go on a golf course walk, I always find a stick, carry it around proudly, and then bring it home to put outside the door as potential firewood. Well, the other day during our walk in the snow, I found a stick. But it was not one of my usual sticks, it was a Popsicle stick! It was so delicious that I decided to sit right there and have it rather than bring it home. Amazing, how snow creates a whole new world of discovery.
Love always,


  1. Bear your diet of salad must be terribuls if you iz eating popsicul stix! I thinks you iz only spozed to eat teh popsicul part nawt tehj stix!

  2. Yes... a whole new COLD world of discovery. I love the pictures of it. Just don't want to touch my paws to it. You look beautiful in that picture.

    pawhugs, Max

  3. Wow - another great find Bear. I'll share some of my kibble with you, cuz you must get hungry if you only gets a popsickle stick to eat.

  4. Bear yoo look so happy wif yoor poppcicle stick. My hyooman brofur's golden, Dakota, lubs snow and sticks too. He eats ennyfing. He eben eats rocks, yuck! I bet he'd lub to haf a popcicle stick lyke yoors. I will haf to tell him dat. Yoo iz so smart Bear.

  5. I agree, Bear. Heres another thing you should try. Eating the stick. They are soo yummy I could eat sticks all day.

    Hehehe love,

  6. you are lucky is not a metallic stick because that red tongue you have in the picture will stick to the stick :)