Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Info Bus

Dear world,
The other day I saw this big bright yellow bus. I had never seen one like it before, so I went over to look. It said InfoBus. So I thought this is a perfect resource for me. I always have so many questions about all things in life. I could just get on this bus and get all the info I need. It would make me feel so fulfilled, and so smart. Now all I need is a Library Card.
Love always,


  1. Bear yoo so smart! I wud lyke an info bus. Dere iz lots of questions fur kittehs too. A speshul place dat haz answers wud be gweat. Yoo find such interesting fings, Bear.

  2. Bear, that is great. maybe they can tell you how to eat tacos and bacon without gaining weight. that's INFO you can use ;)

  3. You always pose so beautifully, Sweet Bear X