Friday, January 28, 2011

FuzzBuzz: Vegetable Garden

Dear world,
When it snowed, I could eat all the snow I wanted. But with the snow gone, I wondered what I could eat infinite amounts of. Someone said carrots and green beans. So Mom brought them home. She said I cant eat infinite amounts of them, but I can eat a bunch. That sounds fair I guess. I suggested that we plant a vegetable garden for me. Bear said the veggies couldn't grow fast enough for my appetite. He said to stick to Costco's garden. That's where his tennis balls grow too.


  1. Have you ever tasted carrots and green beans? Not as good as bones, but they'll do in a pinch.

    Have a great day.

    pawhugs, Max

  2. You might need a chicken gravy to dip those things.
    Fuzz, you are not this big because you eat carrots... ;)

  3. Think I'm happy I'm a cat - cats don't usually like carrots. You can have my share too.

  4. Hey Fuzz, I'm wif yoo! I will eat carrots. I will eat most fings dat don't eat me first. It gud to hab a costco perpetual tennis ball and vegetable garden!

  5. My Toby LOVES raw carrots and green beans. They're OK, but I love MEAT better. I guess Toby's a vegetarian.....

  6. Misty used to love green beans and carrots, I Taffy like green beans but bones better,love your blog

  7. This post is wonderful.The green beans is a vegetable.

  8. Bear sounds fun! Veggies great for you! Eat em all up!