Monday, August 22, 2011

Arizona life

Dear world,
As our road trip continued we drove from New Mexico to Arizona and saw really pretty scenery. We stopped for lunch and pics in Sedona, Mom's favorite place. Then we arrived at the wonderful Firesky Resort in Scottsdale just in time for cocktail hour. They gave Rosy and I each a Bosco Beer. Bosco, a cocker spaniel, is the Director of Pet Relations at the hotel. Can you believe he has his own beer label? Cool. So we enjoyed our beer and then had room service bring chicken strips for dinner. If it wasn't so hot, I could get used to Arizona life.
Love always,


  1. Nothing like a really cold beer on a really hot day, sweet Bear. You and sweet Rosy look cute and cosy there. Mom says watch out for the rattlesnakes in Arizona.
    xoxo Kassey

  2. I want to go to Scottsdale! I keep trying to get my people to let me have their beer, but they say I'm not old enough.

  3. BEAR!! Ok so my Blondie may be in Phoenix tomorrow! Can she say Hi to you? You will be in Scottsdale she knows it! I must DM you our Mobile no!

  4. Your road trip seems really exciting. Are you enjoying staying in hotels? Do you know how much longer until you get to your new home?

  5. We are so happy that you are all enjoying your trip. What a nice place you stayed in. Mom and Dad are so good to you. But since Mom told you that you would like your new home, we can't wait to see where you end up. We know that you and Rosy would be happy wherever Mom and Dad are, right? Sending kitty hugs to you and Rosy.
    Penny and Tippy

  6. Bear, what a treat, your own bottle. My humans wouldn't even let me lick theirs. Hope you and Rosy have a fun trip and arrive at your new home safely.
    Jake the red tabby.

  7. You and Rosy are looking very comfortable in your hotel. I'm sure it's a nice break from the car. It was very thoughtful of Bosco to have a refreshing beverage available for you.
    Safe travels.
    Raven & Sammi

  8. There's a resort with a pup in charge of fun for the animal guests? What a great idea! We hope there were cookies and tennis balls waiting on your pillows! Did you get to see any spectacular Arizona sunsets? This trip is vicariously exciting for all of us!! Love & loud purring from RainbowCats

  9. WoW Bear wut an adbenture yoo n Rosy r habin! How amazing dat dere is sumbuddy un charge uv pet relations! Dats fabulous, and yoor own beer? Yoor Mom knows how to pick hotels!

  10. Thanks for visiting us at FireSky, a Kimpton hotel! We hope you'll come back (perhaps to enjoy our blissful winter weather). Otherwise, we'll see you down the line at another pet-friendly Kimpton stay! Best!