Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Caring Tree

Dear world,
At my favorite park, there was this very beautiful tree.  Kids were always playing on it. Then the other day a sign was on the tree. The tree asked for no climbing because it was fragile, tender and worn but it wanted to stay. I sat down and decided I will help protect it. But I had to leave to go home. The next day I came back, and it was no longer there. I was so sad. I guess it wasn't cared for back. But I cared. Thank you Caring Tree for as you say giving me your gift of strength and peace. I will always remember you.
Love always,


  1. That is sad, Bear. You are very special for caring so much.

  2. It looked like an amazing tree. So special.
    You are such a good boy for trying to protect it.

  3. Oh no Bear, that's so sad. You were so good at guarding it too for as long as you could.

  4. That was a very nice poem someone wrote for it. When something dies or disappears, it lives on in hearts and memories. The Caring Tree looks like it had a long and eventful life. We wonder if its wood will be made into something lovely. We hope so.

    Soothing, peaceful purrs for you, Sweet Bear, and for your tree friend. RainbowCatsx8+2

  5. That's so very sad....at least you did your part and your mum kindly immortalised it so we all got to share it as well XX

  6. I'm so sad for the tree. You tried your best Bear. Thank you!