Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Swim with me

Dear world,
The other day a pretty Bernese Mountain dog came over and asked if she could swim with me. I said of course! While we were swimming she told me that she is a Mommy of a 5 month old and was wondering if I would be interested in being a stepdad.  I told her I was flattered but could not take on that kind of responsibility right now. So she walked away and back to her puppy. Gosh, I don't understand. Why couldnt we just swim together?
Love always,


  1. Bear, greater minds than ours have failed to understand women! :) Hope you had fun while you were swimming.

  2. Don't worry Bear Bear, she was just a gold (en) digger l

  3. Bear, maybe she is a mountain to high to climb...

  4. MOL.....she's pretty but you're right to tell her you're not up for that kind of responsibility but on the other hand you may gain two pretty doggies to go swimming with :-)
    Ronnie the red tabby

  5. As a member of the #HandsomeManClub it is our duty to be kind of all females and provide valuable escort assistance when needed. Your swimming prowess Bear, was so impressive to her, she became temporarily giddy with “girl dog euphoria” over you and immediately saw you as the father of her future pups. This happens a lot to #HandsomeManClub members; we thank them graciously for seeing our manly qualities, offer a tennis ball and always a kind sniff. You are a wonderful member Bear I hold up my paw and send you a manhug.

  6. Looks like it was fun while it lasted though! Purrs from RainbowCatsx8