Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Royal Baby Name

Dear world,
The Royal baby has arrived. How exciting! I am just so curious what his name will be. So I googled what people were guessing and these names are the favorites:.
James - means "supplanter". That makes sense if he replaces someone  - I guess maybe he will someday then become King James? And maybe he would be a real slick James like Bond.
George - means "farmer" . That's nice, he will be close with the land. Plus he could be handsome like Clooney or really big like Giant George (the world's largest dog).
Alexander - means "defender of people" - well that certainly makes sense for a Royal. So I guess he would need to aspire to be Alexander the Greater ?
Arthur is another name that is popular and that is my personal favorite. Do you know why? Cause it means Bear !!!  Wouldn't that be cool! Prince Arthur (Bear)  !
Congratulations to the Royal Parents and 
welcome His Royal Highness of Cambridge!
Love always,


  1. it has to be Arthur... or Bear :)
    who doesn't like Bears? I do.

  2. Ah, fingers crossed for Arthur if it means Bear! That would really put a smile on all of our faces if the royal baby reminds us of Bear :)

  3. Well, Mom says we have to root for George cuz it is the name of her grandson (our nephew i guess) but we want to root for Arthur! (Don't tell Mom)

  4. Good choices, Bear! We're a bit partial to Arthur too. It would be nice to have him named after you, Bear!!

  5. Oh! That sounds PurrFect!! Prince Arthur.. How interesting that it means Bear! We may need to start calling you King Bear Arthur the 2nd!

  6. Luckily, he won't be called Kong. Royal people get to have lots of names. The new baby's dad has four! William Arthur Philip Louis. (Yea! Arthur is in there!!) We're wondering if a royal person ever asks his friends to just call him Spike or Buzz though. Love from RainbowCatsx8+1