Saturday, July 27, 2013


Dear world,
Now that I am supposed to be having more greens in my diet, I have become totally obsessed with Seaweed snacks ! Annie thinks with my obsession with ocean swimming and now seaweed, maybe I becoming a Bearfish. Rosy said if that is the case, she would like me to introduce her to some tuna. 
Love always,


  1. Bear, I have eaten the same Seaweed that you have there. They are very tasty. I'm eat them directly from the box. They are a bit oily but very crunchy.

  2. Does this mean you are feeling better?

  3. It's good for you; one of my girl humans likes it very much, I sniffed it a few times but don't care for it but I'd love it if you introduce me to some tuna too Bear....
    Ronnie the red tabby

  4. i think that sounds right, Bear! Bearfish! And, what a bonus for Rosy if you could you get her some tuna!

  5. That does look tasty. If you develop scales and webbed feet, you'll *really* be a great ocean swimmer! We like dried tuna flakes. Do you think Rosy might like to try some?

    Love from RainbowCatsx8+2 (there are 2 *kittens* at our house now! Nick and have more fans!!)

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