Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Beach lesson

Dear world, 
Yesterday at the beach, Annie finally decided to come into the ocean and play ball. I tried to give her tips and show her how to do things. But she said she could do it herself. So the next thing I knew, I looked over and a wave was coming. I barked "Annie, JUMP!" But of course she didn't listen. She just automatically learned to be (body) surfer Annie.
Love always,


  1. Annie is an independent one! Maybe she will listen to you now, Bear. (What did she think of going body surfing)? I think it's great she's coming to play ball with you!

  2. Bear, you have to understand that if Annie jumps is going to be only 1 inch and wouldn't make any difference. poor Annie. her shorts legs are not going to help her with those waves. mom should throw her ball a lot closer to shore.

  3. That is definitely an "Oops!" of the highest order. We all think you both are VERY BRAVE to go into the wavy ocean. We would stay high & dry and just loll in sand & sunbeams. SO very glad she's OK!

    Love & loud purring (to be heard above the waves) from RainbowCatsx8+2

  4. Annie is so adorable :)

  5. Oh Annie, you're lucky that wave wasn't much bigger.

  6. Does Annie have a life jacket?