Saturday, June 9, 2012

Donald Duck Day

Dear world,
On June 9, 1934 Donald Duck debuted in the Silly Symphony cartoon "The Wise Little Hen". So today is Donald Duck day ! I was trying to practice my Donald Duck bark, but Mom thought I sounded like I had some congestion, So I stopped before she took me to the vet. Happy Donald Duck Day ! Time to celebrate ! Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy !
Love always,


  1. Oh Bear that is so funny, Happy Donald Duck Day!
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Hi Bear, I love your blog it is such an inspiration for fun and creative photos and writing. I have given you an award, please go to my blog at to see your award. Keep up your great work! Emma

  3. Oh NO.. good idea to stop before da pawrents haul ya off to da V.E.T.!! Happy Happy Donald Duck Day! (Does he haf ennyfing to do wif Duck Dynasty)?

  4. Bear you make a grrrrreat Donald Duck!!