Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Beach Flags

Dear world,
I never really understood this sign with flags on the beach. The red side says "Surfing. Beach Games". The Yellow side says "No surfing, No beach games". Shouldn't the colors be reversed? Why wouldn't  the "No" side be red since that is usually for stop? And then the current red side should be yellow since that usually means to proceed with care. Gosh, what if someone cant read ?
Love always,


  1. Oh Bear , you will just to read to them!
    Best wishes Molly

  2. I fink dey shud hire u to design da signs fur da beech, Bear. After all you haz tons uv all kindsa beech experience!

  3. My my, you're right Bear~
    But don't worry! Keep the raves for the humans, luckily we dogs see the world b&w, that's mainly why our only worry is food and food and... food~ Hurray!

    Take care

  4. what a coincidence. A person at my office uses red on the prices she wants me to setup in our system. Why? How? since when? that's just wrong... :)

  5. Well that is all quite complicated but I think they look very pretty!

  6. yes, you are absolutely right the red one should be for stop..