Saturday, June 30, 2012

Beachy waves

Dear world,
There are so many articles on how to blow out your hair straight and how to make beachy waves. I don't understand what is so complex. You just have to go to the beach. First go in the ocean. Then when you come out of the water, you have beachy waves. To blow your hair out straight, take a bath, towel dry, then go outside and let your hair dry in the ocean breeze.
Love always,


  1. Bear, your beachy waves pic give me the feeling that there is something wrong with my screen :) you look blurry

  2. I lyke both looks, Bear! Maybe u shud be a hair styling consultant! )

  3. Oh Bear! You make me smile every day with your great advice and tips.

  4. After I read ur blog yesterday, my nephew Dakota had a owtside baf. He had beachy waves den his Mama combed him wif sumfing and den he had straight furs. We duzznt haz an ocean by us. Dakota had to be hosed, but he gotz lotz uv cheez cuz he wuddnt stand still. :)

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