Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Dog in a Tree

Dear world,
Yesterday on my walk, I came across something very odd. This giant blue dog was sitting in a tree. Rosy was scared, barked at him and ran away. But I felt really bad. I know he must be from the County Fair across the river. He must have lost his way. Hopefully his Mom and Dad will come for him. If he is still there tomorrow I will put up signs and tweet about him and leave him a cookie. Please spread the word.
Love always,


  1. Oh Bear how odd , where is his home?
    Best wishes Molly

  2. ha ha - that is strange Bear. I don't blame Rosy at all for barking. I would have moewed or Yowled myself. in fact, it's kind of spooky,

  3. Bear you have such a kind heart.

  4. Bear you is alwayze lookin owt fur others! I fink dat dog looks funny in dat tree! :)