Thursday, June 14, 2012

Dog on a Bench

Dear world,
Yesterday I wrote about a dog in a tree. Well today on my walk I saw him again. Only this time he was on a bench reading a newspaper! That could mean a couple of things. On the one paw, maybe he is just roaming around trying to find his way back home, and he got tired and stopped on a bench. On the other paw, maybe he is just an outside dog that is enjoying an easy life around the beach, hanging out on trees and benches. I'm not sure. What do you think?
Love always,


  1. Good thot Nerissa! I fink he must be liking owtside if he is reading da paper! Mebbe u shud ask him, Bear?

  2. I'm sure the Blue Dog goes home and tell his family "I saw a nice Golden Retriever near my tree" and "I saw the same dog near my bench today"...

  3. Bear it's obvious you got a blue dog stalker! Think you might find him here, there and everywhere!
    Best wishes Molly