Thursday, March 10, 2011

Rosy Barbie

Dear world,
Today is Barbie's birthday. Mom loved Barbie when she was a young girl. So it got me to thinking, maybe I could get a Rosy Barbie made for Mom. Then she could dress her up in all sorts of clothes and take the pressure off of Rosy (and me and Fuzz). Rosy would really owe me. I wonder who I should call at Mattel.
Love always,


  1. We think that's a great idea, Bear. We heard that someone did that for a sick little girl. They actually made a barbie for her. Looked just like her.Don't know if they would do one for Rosy.But let Rosy know that she makes a beautiful Barbie...Lucky Girl!

    Tippy and Penny

  2. WOW - dat Rosie is one HOT looking Barbie. She's better den the real one!

  3. looks like a Rosy ready to scare children at night :P

  4. I fink Rosy luks bootiful. She make a gweat barbie. But nawt da same to dwess barbie up n nawt Rosy Bear and Fuzz. Dey wud still haf to dwess up too!