Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Playoff Beard

Dear world,
I am so glad I live in Memphis now. It is only fitting for me, a Bear, to be a fan of another Bear species. So as a Memphis Grizzlies fan, I have taken the pledge to rock a beard to the playoffs: "This is my playoff beard. It is a symbol of my untameable grizlliness. Since I cannot grow a beard, I am wearing one that closely resembles what a beard would look like if I did grow one. My playoff beard and I are the guardians of the Blue and Gold and the defenders of Grizz Country."
Love always,


  1. Great show of Team Spirit, Bear. You go!!!

    pawhugs, Max

  2. that beard looks like if your mom comb your fur in one direction for a long time :)
    Go Bears!

  3. Hope your team does great. Also, you look cute with a beard.

  4. Your post warms my big, blue heart. You are adorable (in a rugged, Grizzly sort of way, of course). Thanks for being a champion of Grizz Nation and supporting your Grizzlies. Rock on, brother Bear.

  5. Hi Bear.

    Our Mom thinks you are very cute, but we live in Celtics country and Mom bleeds green, so we can't support your choice of teams.

    Tucker and Daisy

  6. Pawesome, Bear! You do look great with the beard and we do have the Gasol brothers in common... Unlike Tucker and Daisy, we bleed purple and gold at my house. I think I'll make mom sew a Lakers patch on my Man Pants - and we hope to see you at the playoffs!

    (Go Lakers!) =^..^=
    Cokie the Cat