Friday, March 4, 2011

FuzzBuzz: Kitty Entertainment

Dear world,
The other day I had to go to the vet. While I was waiting in the examining room, a kitty came to visit. He said "Hi Fuzz", then laid down and proceeded to bathe. I really didn't think he was dirty. Then he left. I guess he is the entertainment at the Vet since they don't have TV. I wonder how much he gets paid.


  1. Dat a beary pwetty kitteh! I wudnt be able to do dat job. I get too scared uv stuff I duzznt noe abowt. I lyke anipals, but I scared uv hyoomans I duzznt noe. I bet dat kitteh gets lots uv treets in payment and maybe toona jyoose too!

  2. Dat's a pretty kitty. It looks like he wants to be your pal!

  3. Dat looks like ME! But I always in my carrier at vet :(