Monday, March 7, 2011

Meet Darby

Dear world,
Yesterday I went with Mom to Hollywood Feed, our local pet store. When I walked in I saw a really pretty dog so I introduced myself. She told me her name is Darby and is being fostered by the nice lady at the store. I told her I thought it was cool that she gets to stay in the store a lot. She said no, she would much rather be in a nice forever home of her own. I told her I hope she gets her wish real soon. I just said it can't be my home because I can hardly deal with Rosy. Can you adopt Darby please so I can come over and play with her?
Love always,


  1. Aww Bear yoo make a gud public service announcement spokes dog. I hope sumbody dat libes by yoo can take Darby in. Adopted petz alwayze seem to know dey were saved and hab a special relationship wif dere owners. Happy fur yoo dat yoo gots to make a new fwend, Bear!

  2. Awww - she looks like a real sweetie too. I do hope you can find her a good home Bear.

  3. What a cutie! I sure hope she finds a good home soon. That's such a nice person to foster Darby though.

  4. She looks cute and it's good to hear she's at least safe for now.

  5. Oh herz is a very cute doggie. I hopes she finds a furrever home quick!