Thursday, February 3, 2011

Not a Good Image

Dear world,
I did a blog post a few weeks ago about Mom taking pics of me on a pile of Golden Leaves. The leaves were so pretty and so were the pictures. Well the other day, when I passed the same spot I saw those leaves again. Only this time they were in lots and lots of plastic bags. When asked, I told Mom I would not go on a pile of plastic bags filled with leaves to pose for a picture. Those bags are not environmentally responsible. And a golden on garbage is not an image I want to project.
Love always,


  1. Good for you Bear - stand your ground.

  2. We agree with you, Bear. Tell them to get bio-degradable bags and then you will pose...though that would probably be icky..purrrss
    Love our Bear.

  3. you made everything look better in your pics, but garbage is different. maybe you should bite those bags and free the leaves. that might teach the owners to use Bio-bags next time.

  4. I stands besides u Bear. We must protects da environments so more purrty leaves and trees can thrive.

  5. Good for you my friend. Someone has to set an example.

  6. What an odd thing to do-they're all biodegradable !! Those bags aren't !!