Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Luau

Dear world,
Of course being in Hawaii, we had to go to a Luau. While Fuzz and Rosy waited for the show to begin, I went backstage as an audience participation volunteer. I was pretty scared at first, but I got a standing ovation for my fire-dancing performance. Mahalo! (that means Thank you in Hawaiian).
Love always,


  1. Wow firedansing AND holding your ball at da same time! Bear no wonder you gotted a standing ovayshun!

  2. Wohoo - way to go bear. You really have those hula moves down too buddy.

  3. Terrific... what a luau... Enjoy pal...

    pawhugs, Max

  4. Enjoy Your vacation!Mom couldn't take us cauz ding bat 4got about 6 month quaratine;( Make sure you See The Lava People On Highway To Hana!

  5. Oh da road to Hana! I gots to see pikshurs uv dat. Sownds lyke yoo iz habin a gweat tyme, Bear. I lyke yoor dancin wif fyah owtfit!