Monday, February 7, 2011

No Pig Ears

Dear world,
When we were at the pet store, Rosy was interested in these pig ears. I told her that Mom won't get them for us because she thinks they are gross. So yesterday Rosy told me that she had pig ears. I asked her where she got them. She showed me her little pig baby. No more ears. I guess Rosy gets what Rosy wants.
Love always,


  1. Oh dear - dat poor piggy. No more piggies for Rosy.

  2. My hyooman brofur haz a golden named Dakota. He eats ebfurryfing. He gotz toyz fur Crissmouse n he had dem all eaten up in half an howr. Mama sez she happy dat we dont eat owrs up dat fast. Dakota wud hab eaten da entire fing, nawt jus eers! Happy eer chewin, Rosy!

  3. Hehehe-pigs' ears are great-the Minkies used to have those. You know what colour Rosy will be pooping in a day or so..........