Thursday, February 24, 2011

My new neighbor

Dear world,
While I was in Hawaii, a new neighbor arrived. His name is Dash. I havent been able to meet him yet cause he is too little. But Mom went over and took pictures so we could see him. Isn't he totally adorable? He is a golden and it seems he likes sticks. Maybe we are related?
Love always,


  1. its a mini--bear! I just wanna skweeze him an hug him an sniff him!

  2. OMG - he is adorable. Pandy is right - a mini bear!!

  3. Oh, Bear. He is beautiful. We are so glad you have a new doggie to make friends with. And we know that by Summer, you will be chasing sticks with him. YAY!!!
    Tippy and Penny

  4. he is adorable. I'm sure you will be a great model to him.

    p.s.: is that one of your sticks? keep an eye on him just in case ;)

  5. Ha! Ha! Ha! That is so cute... I am sure you will get a long with Dash because you absolutely have something in common. I wish you could play also with my bunny. She would love to go out of its rabbit hutch and play with you guys. She love dogs.

  6. Bear what a cute neighbor yoo haz! Yoo can teach him all abowt bein a big boy golden. He iz beary lucky to haz yoo so close by. He is weally snuggly looking.

  7. Oh he is a total lil Bear! If fink you will have a new pal when he gets bigger.

  8. Oh my-he's an adorable little tiddly :)