Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Dear world,
Maui is one of the best spots to see humpback whales, especially now when they are birthing and mating. So of course I decided to go on a whale watching trip. And boy did we see whales. We saw so many Mommy whales with their babies, and male escort whales. We even had dolphins playing alongside our boat. And then they put a microphone in the water and we got to hear the whales sing! It made me want to study to become a marine biologist. Another career to put on my consideration list.
Love always,

PS. I would recommend going whalewatching with Pacific Whale Foundation Eco Adventures. They are a non-profit organization who promotes appreciation, understanding and protection of whales through marine research, education and conservation. To learn more about them and the whales, go to www.pacificwhale.org .


  1. Wow - it's so exciting to see all those whales up close and personal too. M took dat trip when dey went to Maui - she said it was fantastic and they saw lots of whales too.

  2. that sounds awesome! I wish I was there.
    I love all animals.