Monday, April 8, 2013

National Championship

Dear world,
First it was March Madness, then the Final Four. Now it is down to two teams for the National NCAA Championship. I haven't chosen who to root for. On the one paw, my Dad is rooting for Michigan cause he lived there at one time and I guess he likes Wolverines. On the other paw, Rosy and Annie like birds so they want the Louisville Cardinals to win. Who do you think I should root for?
Love always,


  1. Bear, I love when you say "on the other paw" (always funny).
    You should support your dad's team. Rosy and Annie will never buy you pizza but your dad will :)

  2. Bear you should support your Dad, after all there are more girls than boys in your house :)

  3. Ma and I are going for Michigan but we aren't feeling great about the prospects...Though, that may be because we are surrounded on all sides by overconfident Cards fans!

  4. We r rootin fur Louisville because dat guy broke his leg and it wud be nice fur his team to win and we live in Kentucky!