Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Winston Churchill Day

Dear world,
Today we celebrate Winston Churchill Day. On this day in 1963, Sir Winston Churchill was declared an honorary citizen of the United States. This is a special award that can be made either by an Act of Congress, or by Proclamation by the U.S. President, after being authorized by Congress. Wow. He must have been a pretty impressive guy for that to get done! So I am celebrating by learning about him and imagining what  it must be like to be such a great man. I would start out by carrying a stick vs. a cigar. It's better for me and gives the same look, don't ya think?
Love always,


  1. Stick vs Ball hmmmm. I prefer your tennis ball. A stick just doesn't suit you :)

  2. Bear you look so distinguished :)

  3. Bear I fink the stick is way better den da cigar! But I agree a tennis ball would also work. You are so smart and so studious, Bear, and you teach us stuff too!