Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Masters

Dear world,
Today is the final round of the prestigious Masters Golf Tournament. Whomever wins gets a special green jacket. That got me to thinking. What must it be like to win The Masters? I think I would look good in that green jacket. Well, maybe I should start playing golf.  I tried playing golf once with Fuzz and it didn't go so well. But if a Tiger can win, so could a Bear.
Love always,


  1. Bear, you look so handsome in a green jacket :)

  2. I sure fink u wud have fun playing golf, Bear. And u do look fabulous in dat jacket!

  3. Well it was an Australian like me who won the Masters. Our nation is very proud of Adam Scott, because it is the first time in 77 years that an Australian has won the Masters!! A great day for Australia!! :)

    1. Congrats to Adam, you and Australia ! BearHUG!

  4. Congrats to Adam Scott, the first Australian to win a Green Jacket ! I can continue to dream about being the first Canine!