Saturday, April 13, 2013


Dear world,
To celebrate National Scrabble Day, we decided to try our paws at the game. Rosy went first and spelled tiara. When it was Annie's turn she took a long time. I had to coach her to help her see if her letters spelled any of favorite words. Can you guess which words were mine?
Love always,


  1. Pizza, ball, swim and dinner. How did I do Bear? Are those your words?

  2. And I'd add 'tuna' and maybe 'eat' to the list (since we're talking food here :) )

  3. You all like you're taking this game very seriously. A fascinating picture of you all X

  4. Tuna Pink and Tiara are all Rosy! Dinner Pizza Toys Swim Ball seem very Bear words, and Love and Home could be for all 3 of u guyz! How fun u got to play a hyooman game!

  5. Bear, ball should be the most important word in this game for you, followed by swim (since you like the beach so much), pizza, love and home too are very important words for you... but the most important word for you is missing and that one should be "mom", which represent all the other ones.

  6. What were Annie's words?

  7. I think ball, pizza, and swim are yours...
    Ronnie the red tabby

  8. Mom was wondering how did you get everyone to pose like's a miracle !! All my love to the girls, hubba-hubba xox BigBoyBosco

  9. Adorable!! I love how one of your dogs fell asleep :)

  10. Annie didnt want to play anymore, so this is a finished board. I won. Now I can tell you whose words are whose:

    Me: Pizza, Ball, Swim , Love (as in Love always!)
    Rosy: Tiara, Pink, Tuna
    Annie: Eat, Dinner, Toys, Home

    Home was a hard one to guess, cause it is a fave for all of us. But being in her forever home is still very new to Annie, that is why it is hers.
    And Fernando was right, I really tried to spell Mom. There just was not 2 M's for me to use, and I already used the blank for Pizza.