Sunday, December 16, 2012

Tree shopping

Dear world,
Yesterday I was so excited to go tree shopping with Mom and Dad. When we arrived Mom told me that I was not allowed to pee on any of the trees. I soon found the perfect tree to buy (it smelled the yummiest). But we had to look more even though I was really tired. Then after looking at every tree on the lot, we ended up buying my tree. Then on the drive home I couldnt even lay down and nap because I had to share my space with the tree. Next year I will pass on the Christmas tree shopping.
Love always,


  1. Ah the shopping was tough but they took your advice and bought the right tree! Hugs

  2. That's a very pawsome tree you picked out, Bear. You may have missed your nap, but guarding that tree on the way home was very important work!

  3. that doesn't make sense. the whole idea is to let you loose, wait until you "mark" one of those trees, put it in the car and go back home.

  4. At least u picked the purrfect tree, Bear!

  5. You have the best adventures Bear!