Saturday, December 22, 2012

Tree Dogs

Dear world,
Mom and Rosy were so excited to find a Christmas tree outfit for Rosy. But I was afraid what was going to come next. I was right. Mom found my Xmas tree costume from last year and out came the camera. I guess I should be grateful that she didn't attempt to string any lights.
Love always,


  1. Poor Bear, you're so tolerant! Rosy's costoom looks more comfortable than yours does, but you both make great trees! Happy Christmas to you, Rosy, Mom, Dad, Bunnybell and Sydne!

  2. Why is there no present under the tree for Rosy? Bear got a ball but there is nothing for sweet Rosy :(

  3. Aw! You two are so cute! Merry Christmas!

    Meredith & Scarlet

  4. You two are always so cute in your outfits.

  5. You both look very regal with those golden starry crowns. We like the blue ornament. It looks like a snowy landscape. Love from RainbowCatsx8