Thursday, December 6, 2012


Dear world,
The other day Mom and Dad went to the movies and saw Lincoln , the new Steven Spielberg film. I asked what it was about. They said the it was the story of the how President Lincoln worked to get the 13th Amendment of the US Constitution passed that abolished slavery in 1865. That got me to thinking ... I wish I could be like Abe Lincoln. I would want to be a loved, great leader and push through an Animal Bill of Rights as the next amendments to the US Constitution. Well, I got the loved part, that's a start.
Love always,


  1. Bear you definitely have the loved part, and wif dat hat you also really have the statesman part down. You lead Rosy n Bunnybell really well too, so I think you've got a lot of it down!

  2. Bear, you can pass another amendment: Tennis balls for every dog

  3. I think an animal bill of rights amendment is a great idea! You'd make a great president.

    Mom saw that movie too and said it was very good.