Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hollywood Tour: Walk of Fame

Dear world,
On my tour, I got to stroll on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. You get to walk on all these big pink stars, each with a name of someone in the entertainment industry. There are nearly 2500 ! At the western gateway, is a stainless steel gazebo called "The Four Ladies of Hollywood - (a tribute to the diversity of women in Hollywood, with actresses Dorothy Dandridge, Anna May Wong, Dolores Del Rio, and Mae West.) The only thing that disappointed me about the Walk of Fame is that only three dogs have a star (Strongheart, RinTinTin and Lassie). What about ScoobyDoo?
Love always,


  1. You get to have such great adbentures, Bear! I fink there shud be one fur ScoobyDoo too. I don't eben know who Strongheart is!

    1. Here's your answer from Wikipedia! "Strongheart was the screen name of Etzel von Oeringen, a male German Shepherd who became one of the earliest canine film stars.Born: October 1, 1917
      Died: June 24, 1929