Tuesday, August 13, 2013

So romantic

Dear world,
It seems that my favorite park is also a fave of brides. I have seen so many brides and quite a few weddings there. It is always so romantic. It gets me to thinking what it must feel like to find true love. I should know by now since I have watched so many seasons of the Bachelor and Bachelorette with Mom.  Well, maybe someday I will meet my true love. In the meantime, I will just enjoy watching (but not crashing) the weddings at my park.
Love always,


  1. Bear, you can't crash into a wedding. They will be delighted if you approach them and kiss the bride a few times... I guess.
    But you already met your true love: mom !

    1. Agreed - any bride would be thrilled to have you "crash" and be a part of her wedding!

  2. Oh Bear, if you got married where would you live?

  3. Bear, I think your true love might be taking your photograph!

  4. OurGirl knew some people whose two dogs were the ring BEARers at their wedding. Maybe you could offer your services?! Love & loud purring from all of us!

  5. With that look on your face, I think you are looking right at her.

  6. We all know your true love is your Mom, Bear. :) I think the people having weddings would like to have you be a ring bearer! I know you must have the perfect outfit for it already!