Sunday, August 18, 2013

Crazy Love

Dear world,
It happened! I fell in love. Crazy love. Her name is Taylor. And she is the most beautiful, wonderful and fun dog I have ever met (sorry Rosy, of course you are the most beautiful, but sisters don't count.)  Anyway. Taylor's absolute passion is swimming in the ocean while fetching her ball. (sound familiar?) We played for over an hour. And when we played we even shared each others balls, something neither of us ever do. I truly think she is my soul mate. I just had to make a movie about it.
Love always,


  1. Congratulations Bear :)

  2. Bear it's so great you've found a girl who shares your love of the ocean and playing ball, and who is even willing to share with you! Concatulations to you both! (Movie is adorable!)

  3. Bear, I'm so happy for you. Having a girlfriend to romp in the ocean and share tennis balls is fantastic fun! I hope the two of you get to play together often.

  4. Bear, being in love is nice but she distracted you so much that you allow your ball to go away from you. I could see you were trying to tell her about her own ball but she was distracted too (by you?).

  5. Dear Bear,
    You are such a sweet, lovable boy - who wouldn't love you? So glad the feeling is mutual.

    It looks like the two of you are having lots of fun playing in the ocean.

    Happy for you!!!

  6. Woohoo!! That is just pawsome news, Bear & Taylor. I hope you have some wonderful memories to make and enjoy efurry single minute you are together. Lots of love from Thomas & Keely xox

  7. Bear, sounds like you found the perfect girl!
    Ronnie the red tabby

  8. What a sweet dance the two of you are doing! We can see stars & hearts & tiny sparkles coming from both of you. This is a very special day. We're so glad Mom captured it on video so we can share in your happiness. Love & loud purring from all of us <3