Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sisters Day

Dear world,
Today is Sisters Day, so I want to focus on my sisters. Rosy, the toy poodle is my Princess sister, and as royalty, she likes to rule the house (or at least try). Princess Rosy insists that Annie is her dog, but I assure Annie that she is my forever sister. I think sometimes they team up on me. Rosy chases my ball and often gets it. Annie then takes it and puts it with the rest of her hoarding collection. But most of the time, they are both just adorable (I hear Mom say that a lot.) And while I miss my brothers Oliver and Fuzz, I really do love my little girls.
Happy Sisters Day!
Love always,


  1. Bear, you have 2 lovely sisters. I'm sure they appreciate your company.

  2. Oh Bear, they would be lost without you :)

  3. Bear u r such a great big brother!

  4. What a happy bunch of pups! And how wonderful is it that there's a special day just for sisters. You're all very lucky to have each other and we're very lucky to have you as furiends. Love & smiles from RainbowCatsx8+2

  5. Happy Sisters day to the lovely Rosy and Annie...
    Ronnie the red tabby