Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Package for Bear BearBear

Dear world,
I got  so excited the other day when the mailman brought a package addressed to me! It said Bear BearBear (my Facebook name). I politely opened the nice card first. It was get well wishes from my friend Wrigley and his sister Xena Schnauzer. Wrigley felt bad that he didn't send me pizza. But I was so happy, cause he sent me cookies that I can have for dessert! YUM!
I love my friends!
Love always,


  1. Bear, your friend Wrigley is very thoughtful. I'm sure you will enjoy those cookies very much.

  2. That's so great you got a package Bear! I bet the cookies r yum-o!

  3. Wheeee! When we saw your tweet, we thought it was the one from OurGirl and were surprised that she finally stopped procrastinating. Maybe the mailman will visit again soon!

    Looks like you've given the lick of approval to that Construction Doggie treat. Yummo! Purrs from RainbowCatsx8

  4. Cookies are good. Enjoy BearBear!
    Ronnie the red tabby

  5. Ohhh Bear so exciting cookies!! I don't think pizza travels well in the post so really you are better off with cookies!! Hugs