Sunday, June 9, 2013

Lucy and me

Dear world,
I went to the beach again the other day and I was so excited to see my friend Lucy. As we swam out into the ocean, Lucy asked if I wanted to swim out into the sunset together.  It sounded tempting, but I knew I only had 20 minutes, plus I would rather be with Mom. I wonder what I would have decided if that was Lu. (She never did call).
Love always,


  1. Yeah, 20 minutes to swim out into the sunset doesn't give you much time. Maybe later, Bear.

  2. Lucy has a nice tan :)
    if she is smart she will call you.

  3. I think you'd always pick Mom, Bear. You love her so much and you know she would miss you! Sure looks like you were havin fun at the beach, tho!

  4. In the middle of the day, the sunset is pretty far away. Sometimes you need to watch out for girls and their big ideas! Except for your mom, of course. She will never let you down! Love to you both from RainbowCatsx8

  5. That's weird, I left a comment yesterday and it did something weird, now it's gone! I think you'd always pick your Mom, Bear. You love her so much and she loves you more than anybody. It sure looks like u guys were havin a great time tho! :)