Monday, February 4, 2013

Shopping bags

Dear world,
Yesterday, Mom came home with bags from Target and Party City. When she put them in front of my closet, I thought Uh Oh, lots of holidays coming up. Annie came to see all the bags wondering what was in them. She was hoping for treats and toys. When do you think I should tell her about dress up and photoshoots?
Love always,


  1. It's time to welcome Annie to your world! :) Anxious to see ur guyz new photo shoots! :)

  2. You might as well clue Annie in as to what's going to happen - she won't escape the fate and might as well have some fun with it.

  3. have your own closet?
    Ronnie the red tabby

    1. Well, I call it my closet. It is the cabinet in the garage with all the dog stuff - wowels, blankets, etc. (plus my stuff on the bottom shelf!) BearHUG!

  4. Annie will look adorable for valentine's day :)

  5. I think Annie is getting an idea already. She better get use to it and try to enjoy it since makes your mom so happy.

  6. I betcha Annie's got it figured out. And I know you'll be a good director in the photo shoot.

  7. Wheee. That's a lot of fun-looking stuff! We're betting you get the straw hat. We have some crocheted hats with special ear holes. Annie & Rosy can do glamour shots and maybe be on a magazine cover with Bunnybell. Wheee. Love, RainbowCatsx8