Sunday, February 3, 2013

Ravens or Forty-Niners ?

Dear world,
Today is the Superbowl between the Baltimore Ravens and the San Franciso Forty-Niners. I cant decide  who to root for so I questioned would I rather be a Raven or a Forty-Niner?. On the one paw, Ravens have the wining talents of  intelligence and excellent aerial skills. On the other paw, 49rs were in search of a dream and the best struck gold. In fact, that is why California is called the Golden State. Well, that sort of settles it. Since I am a Golden (and live in California), I feel most comfortable as a Forty-Niner. And anyway, Mom gets really freaked by big black birds.
Love always,


  1. We're with you Bear! Big Black birds r nasty! Go 9ers!

  2. Oh! We love all the Corvids...ravens, crows, magpies, etc. But OurPeople like to go gold panning on the Yuba River, too. So that IS a very difficult decision.

    We're going to root for all the cuties at the Puppy Bowl and leave it at that! Also, we get to slurp some tuna water from when OurGirl made tuna salad sandwiches for lunch. We're doing a #FuzzSunday celebration! Yea! Go tuna and puppies!!

    Love & loud cheering from RainbowCatsx8

  3. The cats and I all decided that the Ravens were the way to go because they like to watch them outside the windows of my apartment.

    Love and purrs to you and your family from Australia!!

  4. I fink u more a 49er cause u lubs dat sunny state of CA and u lubs tennis balls. Findin a bunch of gold would halp buy dem tenny balls!

  5. Oh, Bear. Your Mom is so funny. I think panning for gold is the best way to go (although I think the bird got the gold, I'm afraid).

  6. I hope your team wins :-)
    Ronnie the red tabby