Monday, February 25, 2013

Oscars Best Dresses

Dear world,
My sis Rosy, the self proclaimed poodle fashionista, chose her Oscars best dressed. And as a budding stylist, she chose the best dresses for her coloring and body type and then picked three that she thought would look best on Annie.She had Annie wear her ears back for an extra stylish look. So do you agree with her picks? Which look do you think is the best ? (If I were you, I would make sure you say one that Rosy is wearing!)
Love always,


  1. WOW - they are both raving beauties. The dresses certainly are the right style for she and Anne.

  2. Annie looks great in that first dress, but Rosy takes the cake with the middle dress! All in all, the both look fantastic! My cats also approve! :)

  3. I fink they look beootiful in all da dresses! Go Rosy! Go Annie!

  4. Well, we don't know much about fashions, since we prefer to run around in just our furry coats. But we really think the girls need to stand out more in colorful dresses.

    For Rosy we would pick either the gold & red sparkles of Olivia Munn (pg4) or the understated elegance of Jennifer Aniston's red dress (pg7). Rosy looks so beautiful in red!!

    And for Annie, with her lovely blonde ears, we think she'd look best in something blue like Robin Roberts' velvet gown (pg3)or maybe Kelly Ripa's pretty flower-patterned dress (pg13).

    What do you think, Bear? You can see our choices here ~

    We had fun watching the show with OurPeople, especially because we got to nibble some popcorn!
    Love from RainbowCatsx8

  5. Those are wonderful suggestions -- very colorful. I think they would be beautiful! Rosy however, says for formal events in winter she likes go more understated with color and have the design of the dress be the statement. So she likes dark and sparkly for her black fur and elegant whites and creams for Annie's. Remember, Rosy does all different pretty pinks for everything else, and she has chosen red for Annie's official color ! BearHUGs!

  6. The top.right for Annie and bottom left for Rosy but any of them would be beautiful on the fashionistas :-)
    Ronnie the red tabby

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