Saturday, May 5, 2012

Run for the Roses

Dear world,
Its Kentucky Derby time! So 50,000 people are going to head to Churchill Downs for the big race and festivites. We live too far away to go, not that we would be allowed anyway. So Rosy and I donned our hats and imagined what we would do if we were there. First, we would bet on the horses named Daddy (there are two). Next I would order Rosy a Tuna Julep and myself a Pizza Julep. And then Rosy said we would watch the Run for the Rosy..
Love always,


  1. Duzzn't Rosy fink it'z kewl dat dey run for Rosy's?! Doze horses r pretty but dey big n skeery to me. (I chikken). I'm in fur da toona julep tho!

  2. Wooo you have smart hats, very fitting for the occasion!

  3. You both be stylin'! Love, RainbowCatsx8