Sunday, May 27, 2012

Memorial Day

Dear world,
It's Memorial Day Weekend.. Its a day to honor the memory of those that sacrificed their lives for America. Some people still call it Decoration Day. Mom also thinks of it as Dog Decoration Day. So here we are ready to celebrate.
Love always,


  1. How adorable the two of you look. That picture should be in contest of some type.
    We wanted to ask you.We heard that Coronado Beach in San Diego is listed as the best beach in the country. I see that your beach is beautiful (especially in this pic) , I was wondering if that's your beach.

  2. Rosy seems to be celebrating Mardi Gras :)
    In any case, you 2 look very happy.

  3. Hi girls! Coronado is about 25 miles South of us. Our beach is Del Mar, another beautiful beach in San Diego. We go to Coronado Dog Beach in the summer when Del Mar goes leashed vs. unleashed!

  4. Bear you guys look so cute on da beech in your garb! You iz sure reddy fur da holidey! Mama sez we grillin chikkin fur Memorial Day, so mebbe we gets to haz sum (paws crossed). We also fankful to all da hyoomans and anipals too who sacrificed so we can be free.

  5. Hi Bear, thanks for clearing that up for us. We think your beach is very beautiful. And you are very lucky to live there.

  6. You guys are adorable!! Props to you for knowing your Memorial facts and being so festive!! Better than my two lazy butts who are currently sleepig on the couch (ie - not festive)

    Paige & Simba & Rocky

  7. It's still decoration day around here. It's the day set aside to go tend to the graves of your ancestors.
    Take care!

  8. Rosy, you take the best photos, eh!