Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sydne's Birthday

Dear world,

Today is my human sis Sydne's birthday . With her being all about fashion, I knew I was taking a risk in buying her clothes for a present. But I thought maybe I too have an eyeball for fashion. So I picked out a shirt and sent it to her. And to my surprise, I saw that she featured it on her blog last week! (However, there was no mention in the post of Bear, the aspiring stylist. But since it is her birthday, I wont bring it up to her.)

Happy Birthday Sydne!

Love always,



  1. I think you should be flattered she didn't mention you. It means your taste was so good that she feels like she would have chosen it herself! You are just practising on her you can become a designer to the stars, even to baboons if you like.

  2. Happy Birthday Sydne! Like Kolo said, your taste is so good that she feels like she would have chosen it herself. You are looking very professional with your glasses perched on your nose Bear. Very professional.

  3. Happy Birthday, Sydne!! I'm sure she loved it!!

  4. Happy Birfday to Sydne!! I bet she just lubs dat u picked a shirt fur her. She must haf been thrilled wif it if she featured it! What good taste u haf BearBear! P.S. I happy ur back to blogging!

  5. Please wish Sydne a very happy Barkday from us! That's a very stylish outfit you helped her put together. Is she coming to your house for a special dinner? Maybe pizza!!

    Love from us Kitties

  6. Thank you so much for the present Bear. And sorry no mention. I'll give you a Twitter shoutout. xoxo