Friday, March 30, 2012


Dear world,
Mom and Dad told me about yet another activity that they did on their New Zealand trip. They went Heli-Hiking on the Franz Joseph glacier. (I couldn't believe Mom actually went on this one!) Again it prompted a dream...there I was hiking on a blue glacier after being dropped off by a helicopter! I woke up and I was a bit cold. I wish I was wearing my flannel pajamas!

Love always,



  1. Oh Bear - your mom has more courage than M - M wouldn't go hiking on the one in Alaska - a piece fell off while they were watching. It went B O O M! really loud and shook the whole ship they were on. Scary stuff Bear.

  2. I'm sure your mom don't regret going to the glacier. Must be beautiful.

  3. WoW Bear, you haz a brave Mom & Dad! Mai mama wuddnt be doin that, I can guarantee it! It looks beary pretty but skeery! :)

  4. Oh I don't think you'd ever get my person doing that! I'd come hiking with you though!