Friday, March 23, 2012

Kiwi Tracking

Dear world,
Mom and Dad told me about one of their favorite experiences in New Zealand. They went on a Kiwi Discovery walk in Cape Kidnappers! That prompted my dream last night about going out with the scientist to find a Kiwi. I walked into the forest holding the antenna and radio monitor. The radio started beeping louder. My guide reached into a deep burrow and pulled out a baby kiwi! The guide weighed and examined her. And then I got to hold the kiwi! I had to hold her by the feet so she wouldn't run away (kiwis don't fly). That was one of the most exciting dreams of my life!

Love always,



  1. Hey Bear, it's beary kewl dat you get to discover all da fun stuffs ur M & D did thru ur dreems! I bet u & Rosy missed dem while dey wur gone!

  2. meowza that duz look exciting! You haz good dreams Bear.

  3. That story sounds amazing. I'm jealous.

  4. that is a very cute kiwi you have there Bear!!