Monday, January 25, 2010

Bear the Blogger

Dear world,
No, I am not a blogging addict. Yes, I already have two other blogs, but they are photo blogs. One called Bear Wear Daily ( which I did to amuse my mother. Plus when she takes all those pics of me I do feel like a movie star. I wonder if that is what Air Bud feels like. But I don't think I would like being a movie star. Then everyone would be following me around and assume that everyone I sniff or chase after I am going out with. Just look at what they do to Jennifer Anniston! Gosh, that must be annoying. No, so I wont be a movie star. Like I had a choice.
The other blog is called The Dogorialist ( That I co-blog(is that a word?) with my niece Bunny. Her Mommy sort of convinced Bunny that she needed to do that. And Bunny worships her Mommy. Not sure how I got wrangled into it, but it is interesting and fun.
So now, here I am with a writing blog. For pics, you can go to my other blogs...but I think I will post some on this one too. After all, reading gets a tad boring, if there are no illustrations. Right?
Love always,

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