Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Bachelor

Dear world,
Since it was Monday night, I knew which show I would have to watch. The Bachelor. My mom is obsessed. So it got me to thinking, why not the The Bachedog or maybe The Dogelor or just the boring name The Dog Bachelor. (not sure why I always need to transfer words into dog. I think my mom has something to do with that.) Anyway, I would love to meet 25 Doglerettes...that word is good. I would get to live in a big mansion and be chauffeured over to another big mansion and play with the girls. And since we are dogs, no one could be cast as the bitch, since they are all bitches! Just think...instead of the hot tub scenes, I could go in the pool and we could all swim.
And of course, instead of giving out roses, I would give out dog bones.
Now, wouldn't you watch that show?
Love always,

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